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Personal Dental Care

Do you feel like you’re getting personal attention at your Dentist or Physicians office? Or do you feel like a number when you first enter the office as well as the whole experience?

At the Julian Center you will be greeted by our friendly, enthusiastic staff. You will be offered some refreshing water or tea as well as the opportunity to sit in the Serenity room. Or if you would like, you can request a tour of the office. It is obvious when you walk through the door that this place is different. It feels more like you’re entering someone’s home. There are no sign-in sheets or impersonal barriers or windows for the staff to hide behind and ignore you.

When you enter the receiving area you will also notice a wide variety of reading materials, all related to health. Feel free to borrow any of the books you find interesting.

But just as you settle in and get comfortable, one of our delightful dental assistants will escort you back to a treatment room as we are very respectful of your time and do not like to keep our patients waiting. So if you want to have a refreshment and relax, we recommend that you come in early. Many of our patients arrive 15-30 minutes early to take advantage of all we have to offer.

What you will also notice is all of our treatment rooms are private. Each one has a door so you can enjoy your privacy while receiving your dental care. How does it feel to go to a Dental office with the open operatories where there is no privacy and you can hear conversations with the patient next door?

And finally, most important at the Julian Center is we only schedule one appointment at a time so you get undivided attention from your practitioner. You won’t see the Dentist hopping from room to room.

We also encourage feedback. Please let us know how else we can improve your experience during a visit to the Julian Center.

2019 Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry

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